Pamela Gonzales is a Peruvian-born cross-sensory designer, philosopher and entrepreneur. With a background in Metaphysics, Psychonalysis from Gallatin School at New York University and 10 years of experience in Fashion Design, Pamela utilizes different mediums to explore qualia and perception, subjectivity and identity, consciousness and metacognition, creating aesthetic experiences at the intersection of spirituality, mysticism and science.


Pamela’s ready to wear collections are inspired by the paradoxical relationship between flow and practicality: what it means to be a Woman in this time & age and what it means to (consistently) embody and present oneself authentically while feeling gorgeous, elegant, powerful, comfortable, present and functional. In other words, “on the go” with poise and ease.

Her styles are inspired by female archetypes, as well as by the role, relevance and purpose that each of these items have in a woman’s wardrobe. Each piece has been intentionally analyzed to have a ‘leading role’; she considers them ’new age basics’: pieces with identity of their own that are timeless, adaptable & "much needed”, as her clients assure.

Pamela’s designs are committed to turning her clients into the center of attention or the “eye of the hurricane” wherever they go. All pieces are handmade, hand-dyed and upcycled ethically, fairly and sustainably by artists and artisans in Lima, Peru.