Resonance Atelier is a collaboration between designer Pamela Gonzales and Artist Layla Love, an eco-couture clothing line that actively creates awareness and raises funds for Rise of the Butterfly.
In this first capsule collection, Resonance Atelier entwines Layla’s art with Pamela’s kimono designs through prints, hand paintings, embroidery and different dyeing techniques.
All the materials and proceses in the making are ethical, sustainable and organic, as the brand mindfully makes sure that the ethos and driving intention is translated into the 'feeling’ of the garment and the wearable experience itself. The garments are bathed in aromatherapy and play with the senses through textures, scents and their flowing nature.
Utilizing art as a medium for transformation, social justice and regeneration, as well as for women authentic embodiment and empowerment, the looks are earthy/ethereal and feminine, resembling the freedom that we seek to achieve through Rise of the Butterfly: The aesthetics of Freedom.